TL;DR: Belbin team role discussions and becoming aware of the Bristol Stool Scale 😬.

[week ending 7/6/2019]

Monday — started with joining interviews as part of our managed network tender. Really impressed at the preparation and attention to detail the team put in to make the sessions work effectively. Then a session to review papers for a meeting later this week, followed by the weekly 'informal exec' meeting. Then another meeting to discuss a report on our information provision that is making its way through the various committees on its way to the Trust Board meeting. Nicci and I then joined all the KGH new starters for a cup of tea. It was a great opportunity to meet staff from across all areas and hear their hopes and impressions of the Trust. I think that is going to be one of my favourite Exec tasks! Finished the day with a catch up with Simon (CEO).

Tuesday — Quick catch up with System C to check in how the programme is going. Then an introduction to some people from GS1 — as a joint call with Hugo from our Northampton General Hospital. GS1 are a standards body, with GS1 compliance a requirement for NHS organisations as part of a programme called Scan4Safety. NGH are looking into using the encoding system for their high value equipment. This is another example of where working with our close neighbours brings benefits of sharing approaches and learning. Followed by a 1–2–1 with one of the team, then tried to join an EPR programme stand up but the technology failed me. Frustrating as a user and as the person responsible. Then caught up with fellow execs, discussing plans for the week ahead, followed by a EPR project meeting, where all the Project Managers give and update on progress and raise collective issues. Can see some improvement in the collateral produced, but still room for improvement. Finished the day with a review of the EPR Comms plan with the Comms team and a kick off call with the supplier I’ve just awarded the contract to support us in our EPR implementation.

Wednesday — worked from home. Spent the morning working on some business cases. Later in the morning I had a Skype call with TJ from the Odd company to talk through the Belbin self assessment I completed a few weeks ago. I came through as an Implementor. That felt fair enough. I think last time I did this I came through as a Completer Finisher. Several of my peers did an equivalent assessment of me, so much of the conversation with TJ was exploring the common areas and gaps between my self and the peer assessment. This was followed by three back to back conference calls: talking to NGH about collaboration; a call with the chair of governors, discussing how they can contribute to the EPR peogramme; a call to discuss our paper scanning options and the plans for creating a business case.

Thursday — Kicked off the day with a 1–2–1 with Vicki. We talked about the creation of a BYOD policy to support the EPR programme. Then my 1–2–1 with Simon, still only 40 days into the job — I was keen to remind him. Followed by a Delivery Challenge session for the Corporate Team. This is a replication of the challenge meetings that take place across the three divisions of the hospital; surgery, medicines and family health. I gave a brief update of progress of the Coding project and some ICT efficiency projects. Simon, Richard and I then had a call with Sam Riley from NHS Improvement to talk about the Plot the Dots programme she runs, ahead of a session she’s going with the Trust Board in July. Finished the day with a EPR programme review meeting chaired by Simon. We talked through governance changes, the onboarding of our support partner and progress in implementing electronic observations.

Friday —Simon, Ajay, Manjula and I spent a large part of the day at Whittington General Hospital who have made great strides in their EPR implementation. We got to see how clinical noting was bring used in ambulatory care and see how observations were recorded electronically using iPods on a ward. I also gained an awareness of the existence of the Bristol Stool Scale. This wasn’t a practical awareness thankfully!

Interesting things heard or read this week:

  • I’ve started listening to the Kings Fund podcast —this week had an interview with Don Berwick who worked with President Obama on the Medicare programme. Don talked about creating joy in work. He referred to words of Paul O’Neal, who talked about three elements required to drive excellence:
  • People are respected. I am given respect and dignity from everyone I encounter.
  • I have the tools to do the job
  • Somebody notices

Which certainly chimes with some of the stuff I’m been reading in First Break All the Rules.

  • — flexible working, agile, board gaps.

Books finished this week:

  • Fiction: This must be the Place by Maggie O’Farrell. Left it a bit too late to start reading to stand a chance of finishing before Monday’s bookclub. However, a 5 hour delay with my train coming home meant the chronic irony of me finishing the book but arriving too late to discuss it!
  • Fiction: Our House by Louise Candlish. Formulaic and nothing special.

Currently Reading (not so Kanban — so much for limiting Work in Progress!!):

That will be it for a bit. The next couple of weeks I’ll be doing this: