The journey of a speculative Tweet

Network Power: 9 suggestions in less than 5 hours

I’ve heard a lot of people describe themselves as “lurkers” rather than Tweeters on Twitter. Whilst this is fine and there’s a lot to be gained by absorbing information in our professional spheres, I think it misses a massive opportunity to be more interactive and discover things that aren’t necessarily being shared. I’d like to illustrate this with a timeline of a recent Tweet.

Tweet timeline, showing the timestamps of the responses
Screenshot of my initial tweet
Screenshot of John Neeson’s reply
Screenshot of Chris Weston’s reply
Screenshot of Neil Ward-Dutton’s reply
Screenshot of Lauren Bevan’s reply
Screenshot of Austin Tanney’s reply
Screenshot of Tony Yates’ reply
Screenshot of Neill Crump’s reply
Screenshot of David Walliker’s reply
Screenshot of Sarra Hornby’s reply
  1. Google options via John Neeson
  2. Insiris scheduling options
  3. NHSBT work
  4. BJSS capacity and demand via Lauren
  5. Work that Austin is doing re capacity modelling
  6. Possible interest in collaboration with the Dudley group via Neill
  7. Bradford Command Centre
  8. Parallels with air traffic control
  9. East Midlands Academic Health Science Network work with NUH

Final Thoughts

In 269 minutes I had 9 avenues to explore and in 5 days, 10. Compare where would I have got to in that short space of time just trying to do it myself and ploughing through Google or trying to have an orginal thought. Who knows at this point where those avenues will take us, and if some will lose enthusiasm along the way, but I have to say, the collective energy is a lot more motivating than following a lonely furrow.

  • 2 were from people I only know via Twitter
  • 3 were from people I’ve met in the past at a conference or worked with colleagues of theirs
  • Only 1 from someone who I’ve worked with closely in the past

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