Personal Goals Review 2020 #3

At the end of 2018, I set out some personal goals for 2019. I found it so helpful that I did it again at the end of 2019. It’s now time to review progress at Q3.

TL;DR: Some decent miles cycled, little progress on weight. Everything else achieved.

>> Read 50 books. Exceeded. 57 read so far. Hit 50 at the end of August, so on track for a record year (previous highest year was 61, in 2011).

>> Summarise 100% of non-fiction books read. On target. Read and summarised 23 so far, even if a couple have been very brief summaries.

>> Cycle 4000 miles. Still off target, but was still cycling regularly until the start of Sept when I got a shoulder injury out of nowhere. Before that I’d managed to do some pretty decent length rides, giving me 975 miles this quarter, giving me a total of 1960 so far this year. Still doing a bit of running with the kids, but only added 37 in this quarter.

I was doing really well until my shoulder injury, even matching the same level of fitness (according to Strava “Fitness and Freshness”) that I was at after cycling LEJOG in 2019. Then it’s gone downhill very fast.

>> Cycle a Gran Fondo each month. 5completed. So well behind trajectory to get to 12 in a year.

>> Write 10 Blog Articles. 8 so far.

>> Get 1,000 Twitter Followers. Achieved back in June. Target for next year should be 2,000 I guess.

>> Get to my target weight. Stable, at least not going up. The shoulder injury not helped. Hopefully I’ll get back to exercise for this final quarter of the year.

>> Spend more time with my family and friends. COVID-19 continues to help with this with the family side. Spending time with friends almost non-existent for the same reasons.

>> Write weeknotes. No target (intentionally). 36 done so far this year.