Personal Goals Review 2020 #2

At the end of 2018, I set out some personal goals for 2019. I found it so helpful that I did it again at the end of 2019. It’s now time to review progress at Q2.

TL;DR: Starting to get back on track with cycling and weight. Everything else achieved.

>> Read 50 books. On target. 35 read so far, so exceeding linear trajectory.

>> Summarise 100% of non-fiction books read. On target. Read and summarised 13 so far.

>> Cycle 4000 miles. Still off target, but started back cycling regularly again now. 985 miles cycled this year and starting to enjoy it again. Reckon that my comfortable distance is about 35 miles currently, anything more than this is a real slog so need to keep pushing the distance. Still doing a bit of running with the kids — current total for running is 161 miles.

Strava has just launched this interesting calculation of fitness levels, which probably isn’t based on much science, but does seem to reflect my activity over the past 12 months.

>> Cycle a Gran Fondo each month. 1 completed. Found it pretty hard, but can at least feel like I can cycle that length now with some effort.

>> Write 10 Blog Articles. 5 done so far.

>> Get 1,000 Twitter Followers. Acheived! Currently at 1083! But had to concede my lead the Exec team twitter league to Simon this month.

>> Get to my target weight. Doing a bit better, and doing more cycling is certainly helping.

>> Spend more time with my family and friends. COVID-19 continues to help with this

>> Write weeknotes. No target (intentionally). 25 done so far this year.

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