Personal Goals Review 2019 #2

At the end of 2018, I set out some personal goals for 2019. One of these was to review the goals 4 times a year. Review #1 was in March. Here goes for review #2.

Here’s the TL;DR summary from the spreadsheet I’ve set up. I’m still just about on track, apart from my weight.

>> Read 50 books. Exceeding target. 28 read. Slowed down my rate of consumption since starting the new job, but still getting through a few.

>> Summarise 100% of non-fiction books read. On target. 10 non-fiction read, 100% summarised. !

>> Cycle 4000 miles. Exceeding trajectory. 3,613 miles in the legs, helped by doing LEJOG and some other long rides meaning I cycled 1368 miles in June alone (the total in the image below also includes walking/running miles if you’re wondering about the difference).

>> Write 10 Blog Articles. About on target. 5 published. Not had the time or energy to write much over and above weeknoting so far.

>> Cycle LEJOG. Completed! A very rainy nine days of Cycling — a summary is on our JustGiving page.

>> Get to my target weight for LEJOG. Failed. Got pretty much on target a couple of weeks before the ride and then started eating in anticipation! Since then I’ve continued to eat like I’m riding 100 miles a day, so need to get out of that habit sharpish.

>> Write weeknotes. No target (intentionally), but still finding it a really useful technique for reflecting on each week, regardless of whether anyone else reads them. Have managed to do one every working week this year so far (I skipped the two weeks I was off work cycling).

>> Find some decent podcasts. I’m now regularly listening to WB-40, Safe for Work, Inside Science and The Kings Fund. I listen at about 1.5x speed and can get through a few in over a week in the time in the morning when I’m walking from the station to work.

Conclusion — I’m still doing ok against the goals I set in 2019 and have managed to maintain them despite starting a new job in April, which gives me confidence I’ll be there or thereabouts at the year end..

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