New Notebook, New Nightmare

When we were young,my brother and I coined a phrase “New Handbag, New Nightmare”. This arose out of the trouble to find things in our mother’s handbag, every time it changed, which she must have done on a pretty regular basis. Previously we knew the right compartment for money, Polos, house keys, headache tablets, then it all changed.

I feel the same about changing work notebooks.

Original notebook and Son of Notebook

I’d pretty much finished my current notebook and had it’s successor waiting in my bag. This week I started the new notebook, but felt I still had to carry around the old one, as I had over 18 months of stuff in there. This weekend I bravely made the transition fully over to Son of Notebook.

The Original notebook tracks from 2 January 2018 to the end of September 2019. During this time I started and completed the NHS Leadership Academy Aspiring Director Programme, took on the role as Programme Director for the NHS App and moved to Kettering General Hospital as CDIO. As such the notebook marks a number of points of professional and personal development and has a certain level of sentimental value. But you can’t write on sentimental value.

There is no shortage of things that my friends enjoy teasing me about, but it felt a missed opportunity not to document my new notebook ritual and add to the array of things I do in an odd way that are worthy of ridicule!

Extracts from Time to Think (Klein) and First, Break all the Rules (Clifton) pasted into Son of Notebook

How I organise my notebook:

Yep. Definitely worth giving me stick about.

My cluster index

What I learn in going through an ensuring the cluster index of Original notebook was up to date.

Original Notebook is dead! Long live Son of Notebook!

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