My Personal Goals for 2024

Andy Callow
3 min readJan 1, 2024

I’ve been doing this annual goal setting since the end of 2018. I’ve found it good way to keep track and more effective than New Years Resolutions.

TL;DR: All targets from 2023 rolled forward.

Summary of the Goals

>> Read 50 books. [No change in target]. Last year I read 40 books. Reading a book a week on average still feels like the right balance between an achievable target vs making it another burden. Within this target are some sub-targets :

Read two Victorian classics. I had a target to read two last year, which was achieved. When they are dense books with approaching 1000 pages, this feels about right. Have added Collins and Thackeray to this year’s tracker.

Read three books to educate myself more about race. This is the same target as last two years. This reading list from Strand Book Store continues to be a good source of material.

>> Summarise 100% of non-fiction books read. [No change in target]. I’m still finding the three-sentence summary useful when I’m trying to remember which book said what thing.

>> Cycle 4000 miles. [No change in target]. This still feels like a stretch target for a normal year, but being able to cycle to work *should* help get some mid-week miles in.

>> Cycle a Gran Fondo each month [No change in target]. A Gran Fondo is 100km. Last year I did 14, but there were 4 months when I didn’t do one and then caught up in other months.

>> Cycle to Work 3 times a month [No change in target]. I didn’t achieve this last year, as some weeks the logistic just don’t work out, but still want to try and maintain a good average.

>> Get 3,000 Twitter Followers. [No change in target]. This is a completely pointless and arbitrary target, and as X/Twitter continues to go down the pan it may be less relevant.

>> Get to my target weight. [No change in target]. I’m too vain/embarrassed to actually declare the value of this target.

>> Write weeknotes. No target (intentionally). The end of 2023 marked five full years of weeknoting.

>> Write two “Thought” Pieces. [No Change in target].

>> Do Some Substantial Research. [No Change in target]. I kicked off some research towards the end of 2023, and so the target in 2024 is to write it up and publish it.


Next update — April 2024…



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