• James Clary

    James Clary

  • Karine Makhijani

    Karine Makhijani

    Interested in sustainable communities, energy access, food stories, cities, art, architecture, design, building networks between human islands.

  • Brian Marimba

    Brian Marimba

  • Vin Diwakar

    Vin Diwakar

    Medical Director/CCIO for the NHS in London. Paediatrician, Hub, Dad. Love stories/family bike rides/faith/politics/bright ties/good coffee/a beer with friends

  • Gopi Krishnamurthy

    Gopi Krishnamurthy

    VP of Engineering | CTO

  • Sam McLaren

    Sam McLaren

    Working to promote & shape the future of @digitaldorset at @dorsetcounciluk l DL100 Young Digital Leader | @inspiringthefuture Volunteer | Views are my own.

  • Paul Atkinson

    Paul Atkinson

    Mostly a GP!

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