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Conditions I like to work in

  • I like to have large screen real estate. The more monitors I have, the happier I am.
  • I find it hard to work in hot rooms, and love fresh air (windows open etc).
  • I don’t care about a fixed desk. I just need a fast laptop, my headphones and an internet connection.

The times/Hours I like to work

  • I live in Derbyshire and commute to Leeds/London on the train. I do some of my most productive work whilst travelling, albeit with sadly limited screen real estate (see above)
  • If I need to do work that requires detailed concentration, I do that best in the mornings
  • I normally work 7am to 6pm on the days I commute
  • I find my commute is more sustainable if I can work from home one day a week
  • I don’t mind being contacted at any time
  • My diary is open and accessible so everyone can see my availability. I don’t mind people booking things in my diary if I am free

The best ways to communicate with me

  • I’m happy to use a mix of communication methods (face-to-face, phone, email, Slack, Skype, WhatsApp)
  • I keep on top of my emails each week and usually respond within a few days at the latest.

The ways I like to receive feedback

  • I like receiving feedback face-to-face
  • I see all feedback as a learning opportunity so I like any feedback to include examples and also suggestions on how I / it could be better/different

Things I need

  • Opportunities to collaborate and co-create stuff.
  • Smart people to bounce ideas off who are happy to disagree with me in a constructive way.
  • Working with people who do stuff (not just talk about doing stuff).
  • Good collaboration tools.
  • Being able to deliver, little, often and iterate.
  • The ability to work from home one day a week.
  • Did I mention lots of screen real estate?

Things I struggle with

  • Meetings where everyone doesn’t get their voice heard — some of us need to reflect a bit before giving our views.
  • An environment where people talk behind each others backs.
  • Collaborating on a document via email attachments. My blood will boil.
  • Social events where the focus is solely on alcohol consumption.
  • People who treat me differently due to hierarchy.
  • Unkindness.

Things I love

  • Blogging and sharing my thoughts on Twitter.
  • Sharing learning (either imparting or receiving).
  • Signs of continuous improvement.
  • Being around creative, innovative people and trying to create the environment where they can try things out.

Other things to know about me

  • I aim to stay true to my 14 year old-self who discovered electronics and realised the possibilities that lay ahead.
  • I love coffee, but try and stay off caffeine.

Leadership Style

Husband. Dad to 3 smashing lads. Cub Leader. MAMIL. Group CDIO for Northampton and Kettering Hospitals. Ex NHS Digital. Views own. Always learning.